Cross-Liberation Update


Since we’re coming to the end of Semester One we thought we’d update you on everything the Liberation Groups have been up to so far and what they’ve got planned for the future!

Women’s Liberation Group

Despite only being elected in October, Lucy – the Women’s Liberation Group Convener – has already been super busy! She attended Reclaim the Night and is now focusing on the 16 Days of Action to Eliminate Violence Against Women, which are coming up at the end of November. She’s also been communicating with the Edinburgh University Amnesty International Society about a fundraiser they’re planning for Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Assault Centre (EWRASAC) in February, which will include workshops and a gig. The Women’s Group is also starting to think about plans for International Women’s Day, so if you’d like to get involved then let Lucy know!

LGBT+ Liberation Group

Liam – the LGBT+ Liberation Group Convener – has hit the ground running this semester with a series of weekly discussion groups co-hosted with BLOGS (the University’s LGBT+ Society). He has also established a trans and intersex action group for people who self-identify to discuss issues and campaign ideas before bringing them to the whole group. Work has begun on LGBT+ History Month which will be celebrated in February next year – there’s already a ceilidh planned, some incredible speakers have been contacted, and we’re also in discussions with the Alumni Engagement Office on how to include some of Edinburgh University’s LGBT+ history in our events.

DMW Liberation Group

Also elected in October was Hannah – the Disability and Mental Wellbeing Liberation Group Convener – who’s currently focusing on National Disability History Month which runs from the 22nd of November to the 22nd of December. This year’s theme is the link between war and impairment, so Hannah is planning to run a film screening exploring the development of psychiatric care during WWI. She’s also keen to run a campaign opposing the Tory plans to scrap the Human Rights Act, so if you’d like to be involved in that then let her know!

BME Liberation Group

After a very successful Black History Month – which you can read about here – Faatima – the BME Liberation Group Convener is focusing on organising Right to Education Week alongside Students for Justice in Palestine. Outside of this Faatima is focusing on intersectional cross-liberation work, as well as reaching out to relevant societies in order to boost the profile of the group.

Cross-Liberation Work

The main cross-liberation campaign this year will be focusing on inclusion in sport for groups usually excluded from physical activities. There’s a whole range of potential issues to address, including:

  • Homophobia and sexism in sports teams
  • Trans inclusion, and the importance of gender neutral facilities
  • Sexual harassment in the gym
  • Racial stereotypes in sports
  • Physical access barriers to facilities

However, the overarching aim of the campaign will be to make sure sport is a safe and accessible environment for everyone.

The Groups will also be exploring the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers from an intersectional perspective, and potentially feeding that into EUSA’s General Election strategy with asks for better support for students who are refugees or are seeking asylum.

The Women’s Liberation Group and the BME Liberation Group are hoping to run a campaign around International Women’s Day exploring Eurocentric beauty standards and white-washing in the beauty and fashion industries.

The BME Group is also planning to work with the DMW Liberation Group around World Cancer Day to highlight the importance of bone marrow donation in BME communities.

As you can see, all the groups have been incredibly busy and they’ve got some great plans for the coming months, so if you’d like to get involved then get in touch! All the contact details can be found on the individual group pages at the top of the site.

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