Statement on #BlackLivesMatter Protests – August 2016


Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s Black and Minority Ethnic Liberation Group stands in solidarity with those across the UK who were involved in the National #ShutDown on Friday 5th August 2016 highlighting the cause of #BlackLivesMatter.

The inconvenience caused by these actions is nothing compared to the disruption that constant harassment, intimidation and violence cause to black and brown communities around the world.

From Sheku Bayoh who died in police custody in May last year and whose family are still no closer to knowing what caused his death, to the thousands who have died fleeing conflicts fuelled by British greed and imperialism. From Police who protect their own above all else, to the media who systematically ignore the deaths of black and brown people in custody and slander innocent victims.

It is time for us to stand together to recognise their pain and take action against the injustice inflicted upon them by the State. Let us take action now.

Without justice there can be no peace.

We would encourage everyone, particularly those who consider themselves allies to Black and Brown folk, to join the Black Lives Matter Glasgow rally on August 13th – we hope to see you there:

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