Women’s Liberation Group

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The Women’s Liberation Group exists to provide a safe space within EUSA where self-identifying women students can come together, discuss the issues affecting them, and campaign to improve their student experience.

Campaigns and Events

In the past, the Women’s Liberation Group has been involved in organising Edinburgh Reclaim the Night, demonstrating against anti-choice groups and fighting against cuts to Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Assault Centre.

Rally Against Rape Culture

In 2014, the Group was heavily involved in EUSA’s response to the leaking of minutes from a fraternity which included rape threats and transphobic comments. Lucy Hook, the Group Convener organised a Rally Against Rape Culture in Bristo Square and started the purple ribbon campaign on the railings around Teviot. She also arranged a series of actions to mark the 16 Days to End Violence Against Women.

This year’s Convener Vera is keen to work alongside BME Liberation Group Convener Shuwanna to address the issues facing BME women, as well as continuing combatting sexual harassment and violence on campus. The Group will also be taking the lead on EUSA’s International Women’s Day celebrations.

National Union of Students (NUS)

As well as fighting for justice within Edinburgh, the Women’s Liberation Group is also involved in the NUS Women’s Campaigns, both in Scotland and at a national level. Every year, the Group sends delegates to the NUS Scotland and NUS UK Women’s conferences. If you’d like to get involved in the NUS campaigns then you can check out the website here or contact the Women’s Group Convener using the contact details below.

Get Involved

All self-identifying Women students are welcome to get involved in the Women’s Liberation Group. To find out more you can join the Facebook Group or email the group Convener, Vera Veldhuizen, at womengroup@eusa.ed.ac.uk.


Last year, EUSA conducted a survey into students’ experiences of sexual harassment which you can find here.

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